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The simple truth about caffeine and productivity

A huge proportion of the modern world relies almost fully on caffeine just to function. Millions of office workers start their day with a cup of coffee and without it they claim they would never be able to get any work done. Walk through any city during the morning rush hour and you will you see a rush of people dashing in and out of coffee shops to get their morning fix. If yo [...]

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8 Time management habits that reduce stress

Stress is an all too common occurrence in the modern workplace. It used to be that our roles were clearly defined. We were told exactly what to do and how long it should take to do it. However, in the era of the knowledge worker, our roles are no longer clearly defined. Before we can begin to organise our work; we must first define our work and determine what we should and shou [...]

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10 Acts of kindness you can which don't cost money

Being happy and satisfied with your life is a fantastic place to be in. If you feel as though this is you, have you thought about how you could brighten up someone else’s day? Small acts of kindness can easily put a smile on the face of a stranger in more ways than you might think. We are talking small acts here, which might include things like helping a senior pack her groce [...]

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13 Approval seeking behaviours you need to stop

Approval is like a killer drug. It becomes addictive and you quickly develop a need for more. When you have a need for approval you value the beliefs, opinions and needs of others above your own. Their opinion of your is far more important to you than your own view of yourself. Receiving disapproval becomes a painful experience. Your entire decision making processes are eventua [...]

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8 Examples of passive aggressive behaviour

Passive aggressive behaviour can be difficult to recognise at first. It is recognisable by the disconnect between what the person says and what they do. Passive aggressive people tend to express their negative feelings in an indirect manner, rather than state their disapproval directly to the person concerned. There tends to be a great deal of hostility associated with passive [...]

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4 Ways your self-image impacts on your performance

When potential clients contact me about coaching, I talk to them about the commitment involved. If you want to improve one or more areas of your life, it doesn’t happen by accident. It takes hard work and commitment.  You cannot just show up for a coaching session and then do nothing until the next session.  Some people are ready to jump straight in and do the hard work but [...]

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